Reflections from the other side

It’s been over six months since my last blog post, and nearly the same since I started working at Deloitte. I didn’t exactly want to fall silent during that time, but it happened for two reasons that are hopefully understandable. First, and most plainly, I was no longer having the types of experiences that sustained... Continue Reading →

Good Things Can Eventually Happen

I know I've gone quiet for the last two months, but there have been exciting things in the works that pulled my attention away from writing. Okay, that and a lack of material from not working on a college campus every day--but that's a topic for another post. I can hardly believe it, but in... Continue Reading →

The Urgency in My Leisure

Since grading my last final exams about a month ago, I've found myself in a peculiar situation: I'm still employed (and getting paid!) until the end of this month, but I don't have any work to do for Tulane and haven't yet lined up my next opportunity.  This has left me with an awkward schedule. ... Continue Reading →

Okay, I’ll make my own megaphone!

A while back I wrote about the difficulty I'd had finding a group to represent Contingent Faculty.  Although there are a few entities serving this purpose--the New Faculty Majority and the American Association of University Professors among them--I'd never seen much action from either group in all the time I've been working on this issue. ... Continue Reading →


With the exception of one semester in 2013, I've taught every academic term since the fall of 2008.  Taken together that's nine years in the classroom.  So the ebb and flow of the semester has now defined my working life for the better part of a decade, and I've grown accustomed to how the excitement... Continue Reading →

So you want to get a doctorate…

Over the last three years a number of our MA students have come to me to talk about their plans for what to do after Tulane, and in particular about what career prospects look like in Classics. For all that I've been flattered they would want my advice, my own decision to leave the field... Continue Reading →

Breathing Room

I felt a little bit like I was breaking a promise. I'd been hustling to make new contacts, sending out my resume in the hope of getting interviewed, and had said--quite expressly--that I would be writing on here once a week.  It never seemed that I had quite enough time to get it all done,... Continue Reading →

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