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When Chris accepted a job as a Pursuit Manager with Deloitte, he successfully marked the end of his career transition. But that journey didn’t happen overnight. It came from two years of concerted effort to meet new people, learn about new careers, and reshape his resume to satisfy potential employers. Most importantly, though, it happened because countless people offered Chris their time and advice–often without knowing him at all. Without them, his story would be entirely different.

In order to pay those good deeds forward, Chris has advocated for other people seeking to leave academia. In January 2018 he took part in a networking event for grad students and recent PhDs who want to work outside of Classics. The event was hosted jointly by Paideia‘s Legion Project and the Society for Classical Studies. This was the first time he had a chance to distill what he’d learned from working in his new environment, and it sparked a range of new ideas about how academics can pitch themselves in the modern workplace. He was subsequently featured as the Legion Project’s “Former Classicist of the Week” as the first person to successfully use their network to find a new job.

Chris maintains ties with his own network of former academics and regularly conducts calls to advise current scholars who want to defect. If you would like to ask a question or schedule a call, reach out using the contact form.


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