When Chris accepted a job as a Pursuit Manager with a global professional services firm, he successfully marked the end of his journey out of academia. But that transition didn’t happen overnight. It came from more than two years of concerted efforts to meet new people, learn about new careers, and reshape his resume to satisfy potential employers. Most importantly, it happened because countless people offered Chris their time and advice–often without knowing him at all. If not for them, his story would be entirely different.

To pay those good deeds forward, Chris has advocated for other people seeking to leave academia. In January 2018 he took part in a networking event for grad students and recent PhDs who want to work outside of Classics. This now-annual workshop was hosted jointly by John Paulas of PhD Matters and the Society for Classical Studies. It was the first time Chris had a chance to distill what he’d learned in his new environment, and it sparked a range of new ideas about how academics can pitch themselves in the workplace. Chris is now a regular attendee at the SCS workshop, and in 2020 he addressed the chairs of PhD granting institutions in Classics on how to support students interested in non-academic careers.

In addition to these formal events, Chris maintains his own network of former academics and regularly advises current scholars on how to seek greener pastures beyond academia.

Chris is now under contract with Princeton University Press to publish a book that encapsulates his experience seeking a new career and distills the lessons he’s learned along this journey. That work, entitled Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide, will be available in October 2020. If you have a question about this work or would like Chris to speak at your institution, you can reach out using the contact form.