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Christopher L. Caterine

Chris develops clear, concise, and compelling messages so individuals and organizations can present their strengths and vision more effectively. His book, Leaving Academia: A Practical Guide, was released in 2020 by Princeton University Press.

Education and work led Chris from his birthplace in New England to the river-bend of New Orleans. He currently lives there with his wife Mallory, their son Caleb, and their cat Li’l Easy.

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Leaving Academia:
A Practical Guide

“An indispensable guide for grad students and academics who want to find fulfilling careers outside higher education”

Princeton University Press (2020)

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‘Leaving Academia’

Inside Higher Ed

Author discusses his book on how to leave an academic career. He provides advice based on his own experience.

Identity Crisis

Beyond the Professoriate Blog

Discussion of how your core desires won’t change just because you’re leaving academia for a new career.

A virtual guide to Leaving Academia

Princeton University Press Ideas

Guidance on changing careers during COVID-19, serving in part as a “pandemic preface” to Leaving Academia

Seeking an ‘exit plan

Nature Career Feature

Quoted in an article on how science PhDs can adapt their career plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Mass Exodus

Inside Higher Ed

Point of view on how the COVID-19 crisis stands to drive more PhDs from academia than any event in living memory, and where they can go for help

Si Credere Velis


Article on Lucan’s Cato and the reader of the Bellum Civile. My only regret is starting with the word “Despite.”



Bring the possibilities of what your students can do with their PhD to life. I’m available to speak about leaving academia in dedicated talks, for networking round tables, and on conference panels.


Accelerate your path to a new career with personalized advice and check-ins for added accountability. Billing is hourly, with discounts when you commit to five or more sessions.


Cement learning from short courses with practical exercises. Available to facilitate sessions on networking, translating CVs to résumés, building supportive departments, and teaching transferable skills in graduate seminars.

Leaving academia is hard, all the more so with a humanities degree… Chris has forged a a great deal of wisdom negotiating this transition and I was fortunate that he shared it with me… His insights into how to approach informational interviews and how to evaluate an opportunity were also tremendously valuable. I definitely recommend that any academic considering an alternative career get in touch with Chris!

Goda Thangada

Past engagements

Chris has spoken in a number of public forums to advocate for academics pursuing more diverse career outcomes. Select engagements include:

Chris mentored and advised me regarding career development as I was transitioning from graduate school to an “alt-ac” career. His advice was always practical, detailed, and thoughtful, and I gained much from our conversations. He was able to provide encouragement, leads on specific companies to look into, as well as ideas on how to develop my “brand” and make my experiences relevant to employers. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice and support in pursuing a new career.

Elina Salminen


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