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The market for PhD career services is evolving rapidly. The resources below are updated periodically to help you find support in a medium and at a cost that’s right for you. I am not compensated for promoting any of the entities below (though I am biased towards my own writing, have friendly relationships with many people in the career advisory space, and in one case was gifted a book by its editors).


The titles below are recent publications or standard resources that I’m most familiar with. Inger Mewburn from The Thesis Whisperer constantly updates her resource list — and doesn’t endorse anything she wouldn’t use herself. Jennifer Polk of From PhD to Life also keeps a book list that includes summaries of approach and target audience.

Changing careers

Graduate education

Coaches and communities

Professional societies and foundations


It would be impossible to track every article about alternative careers for academics. The following pieces are especially helpful or provide a useful perspective.

Essential skills

Graduate education

Leaving academia

University programs

Blogs and podcasts

People to follow

In addition to the coaches and program directors highlighted above, the following individuals provide invaluable perspectives on changing careers:

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