St. Augustine’s Catholic Church

Since today is a Sunday, and since we just had the first parade of the Carnival season last night, I thought it would be good to make my second Black History Month post on St. Augustine’s Catholic Church.  I’ll keep things brief this time since they can really tell their own story much better than I can!  First the part relevant to it being Sunday.  Free blacks founded the parish in the Treme in 1841, and since that time it’s been a center of black Catholic culture in the city:

And now for the part relevant to Carnival.  The high school attached to the church is equally famous, at least locally.  Home of the Marching 100, they field one of the best bands in the city.  They’re a perpetual favorite in parades, sometimes marching in two a day!

As those parades ramp up over the next two weeks, I’m excited to hear how St. Aug’s sounds and to cheer them on right through to Mardi Gras day!


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