Good Things Can Eventually Happen

I know I've gone quiet for the last two months, but there have been exciting things in the works that pulled my attention away from writing. Okay, that and a lack of material from not working on a college campus every day--but that's a topic for another post. I can hardly believe it, but in... Continue Reading →

Okay, I’ll make my own megaphone!

A while back I wrote about the difficulty I'd had finding a group to represent Contingent Faculty.  Although there are a few entities serving this purpose--the New Faculty Majority and the American Association of University Professors among them--I'd never seen much action from either group in all the time I've been working on this issue. ... Continue Reading →

The Problem of Being Overextended

Seeking a new career forces you to abandon the familiar. Management consulting, politics, business operations, and crime analytics are all jobs I've applied for that I never would've considered in graduate school.  One of the problems I've faced in doing this, however, is that not many businesses have in-house training programs.  Instead, they often seek... Continue Reading →

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